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The BitCrystals (BCY) Bridge is a key gateway facilitating seamless BCY token transfers between Ethereum and Counterparty blockchains. Enhancing the utility and versatility of BCY, this bridge allows users to tap into both platforms' unique offerings, from diverse liquidity pools to distinct decentralized applications.

To maintain the bridge's efficacy, a two-tier fee model is applied: a 2.5% corporate fee from the transferred BCY amount and a flat 200 BCY for blockchain transaction fees (may vary depending on the blockchain utilization). This structure ensures timely, secure transfers and compensates for operational costs, making the BCY asset more functional across major blockchain ecosystems.

Bridge BitCrystals

From (Source wallet)
To (Destination wallet)

How it Works


Input the details of the source and destination wallets, and the amount of BCY you wish to bridge.


Save the provided link; it will direct you to the pool for transferring BitCrystals and assist in confirming your bridging request.


Transfer BCY from your source wallet to the specified pool and enter the transaction hash on the provided link.


Wait for the confirmation, and receive your bridged BCY in the destination wallet.

Staking / Liquidity Providing

Thanks to our groundbreaking bridge system, the realms of Counterparty and Ethereum have been seamlessly intertwined. If you've held BCY on Counterparty, you're in for a treat! Now, you can harness the might and flexibility of Ethereum's smart contracts by staking your BCY. The ETH/BCY platform is more than just a staking hub—it's your passport to a vibrant ecosystem where BCY becomes a dynamic force.

By contributing to the ETH/BCY liquidity pool, you're not only ensuring fluidity for traders but also receiving yields from the bustling trading arena. But the magic happens when you stake. Delve into an enriched crypto journey where your BCY doesn't just sit; it thrives, grows, and contributes. Embrace the future, and let your BCY unlock new horizons in the Ethereum landscape!


Step into a realm where every player becomes a storyteller. The Spells of Genesis DAO beckons you to shape its ever-evolving lore and champion the tales created by users like you. With BitCrystals fueling this journey, every vote, decision, and contribution you make becomes part of the game's rich tapestry. As we fuse our imaginations and aspirations, let's co-create a legacy in Spells of Genesis together!