Claim your coupon (Blockchain card or Bitcrystals)

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The XCP Address is the address of your Counterparty-compatible digital wallet (Book of Orbs, Counterwallet, IndieSquare). PLEASE NOTE: make sure you don’t have a space before or after your XCP address!

The Coupon code is the code of the asset you are about to receive in your digital wallet.

Consult our documentation page for more information.

How to receive your gift?

Make sure you have both Spells of Genesis and Book of Orbs installed on your device.

  1. Create an account in Book of Orbs
    (Read our tutorial on How to create a digital wallet.)
  2. Link your Spells of Genesis account with Book of Orbs.
  3. Copy-paste your Counterparty (XCP) address in the XCP Address field.
  4. Type in the coupon code you have received in the Coupon code field.
  5. Click on “Submit” to receive your digital asset in your wallet.

Please note: it may take from a few minutes to several hours to receive your card. Thank you for your patience.

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