CrystalsCraft collection

The CrystalsCraft collection is a user-generated content collection on the BitCrystals platform and on Book of Orbs.

We want to make blockchain art creation easy for everybody, not just big game studios and companies. Thanks to the Bitcrystals Platform, anyone can issue their digital graphic content as a blockchain asset and publish it on the Platform. Your creation will appear in the “CrystalsCraft” collection on Book of Orbs. Then you can distribute or sell your asset in order to promote your art skills or any project related to your creation. The CrystalsCraft collection wil contain several themed “sub-collections”. Submissions for each sub-collections will be open for a certain, limited time.

The first theme we’re opening now  is: “Blockchain Allegories”

Get ready, get set and have fun!

How to Submit a Digital Asset for the “CrystalsCraft” Collection?

The submission form below is intended to collect the submission for the “CrystalsCraft” collection, “Blockchain Allegories” theme only. Any off-topic submission won’t be taken into account. By sending your Submission, you accept the “CrystalsCraft” General Terms and Conditions and the “CrystalsCraft” Specific Agreement, which consists of this page and the Submission Form.

Send us your digital asset by filling the submission form

Submit your graphic content and some additional information

Lock the asset

Lock your Blockchain asset to guarantee its rarity

Pay the submission fee and the issuance fee

Submission and Issuance Fees

The Submission Fee is amounting to BCY 20 and is payable in BitCrystals only. The Submission Fee is not refundable. The Issuance Fee amount varies according to the Blockchain Asset supply, as follows. The Issuance Fee is payable in BitCrystals only. If your Submission is rejected, the Issuance fee will be refunded. Once your Submission has been accepted, you cannot change the Blockchain Asset supply and you cannot be refunded.

Asset Supply – Issuance Fee:

200-900 1000-3000 4000-9000 10’000
200 – BCY 200
300 – BCY 190
400 – BCY 180
500 – BCY 170
800 – BCY 140
900 – BCY 130
1000 – BCY 120
1200 – BCY 110
1500 – BCY 100
2000 – BCY 90
2500 – BCY 80
3000 – BCY 70
4000 – BCY 60
5000 – BCY 50
6000 – BCY 40
7000 – BCY 30
8000 – BCY 20
9000 – BCY 10
10000 – Free of charge (only the Submission Fee is paid)

Both the Submission and the Issuance Fee have to be sent to EVERDREAMSOFT’S digital wallet address: 1Ecxt7XLwtTFJ92uXpn8S9TZdpZxePCsbs

EXAMPLE: An Asset Supply of 200 items will cost 200 BCY + 20 BCY


Upon receipt of the Submission Fee, we will proceed to the approval or rejection of the Submission within 10 working days. We will communicate you the decision by email. Once your Submission has been accepted and you’ve been informed, we will publish the Digital Asset on the Publishing Platform within 5 (five) working days. Once your Blockchain Asset has been published, you will receive a confirmation by email.

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