The BitCrystals Ecosystem is a fully integrated platform for players, asset creators and game makers. BitCrystals (BCY) is also the digital currency used in Everdreamsoft’s Spells of Genesis. BitCrystals can be traded on the blockchain or used to purchase blockchain cards, playable within our game and other partner games.


How does it work?

Your collections of assets are safely stored in your digital wallet. These assets (cards) can be used in some games or freely traded on the Secondary, peer-to-peer Market.

Why BitCrystals?

In most digital games, players’ assets are locked in a database owned by a company. We believe that users should have full ownership of their game items. Once they acquire assets while playing a game, they should be free to keep them and do whatever they want with them.

Our mission is to build an innovative game economy where players fully own their digital property on the blockchain. In order to achieve this mission, EverdreamSoft has issued its own cryptocurrency, named “BitCrystals.”

BitCrystals Token System

BitCrystals (BCY) is the cryptocurrency we use as a means of exchange for some of Spells of Genesis (SoG) game items. BitCrystals are Counterparty tokens which are assigned to cards in SoG. is a platform used to create custom tokens which act as a cryptocurrency running on the blockchain. Counterparty’s native currency known as XCP is used for advanced features.

BitCrystals distribution

BitCrystals were issued in a limited supply of 100’000’000 units. 70% of the initial supply of BCY was allocated to the BitCrystals Token Sale, while 30% was kept by EverdreamSoft for promotion and development purposes. The unsold BCY from the Token Sale were burnt afterwards. BitCrystals are tradable on the blockchain and convertible in bitcoin or other currencies.

BitCrystals usage

Players wishing to purchase and exchange BitCrystals need a digital wallet to store their currency. For this purpose, EverdreamSoft has created its own wallet, named Book of Orbs.

Book of Orbs is a dedicated app available online, and on the Google Play store. This wallet can also be used as a gallery to store and display the players’ assets. Other games are also using Book of Orbs to help users display and trade their digital assets.

Book of Orbs revolutionizes the concept of ownership in the game industry by promoting interoperability and nurturing more open culture as a company value. It is one of the first real life use cases of blockchain technology.

Burning process

In order to increase the market value of BitCrystals, half of the income in BCY generated every month by cards sales is “burnt,” which means that these BCYs are definitely erased and removed from the market. This amount of BCY is sent to this burn address:


Each month, EverdreamSoft also publishes a detailed burning report indicating its BCY incomes as well as the amount to be burnt.

Token Sale

The development of Spells of Genesis was funded by a crowdfunding campaign titled “BitCrystals Token Sale”, which lasted for 30 days. Our project’s backers bought BitCrystals to support its development. BitCrystals were initially offered at the rate of 15’000 BCY per BTC and their price gradually increased every 5 days.

About 90% of the Token Sale objective, set at 730 BTC, was funded in only 3 days! In one month, over 930 BTC worth of BitCrystals were sold. When the BitCrystals Token Sale ended, all the unsold BCY available were burnt.

What we envision

We envision an economy of peer to peer trading, decentralisation of companies, projects and patrimony, not only for the game industry, but for the whole economy.”

Shaban Shaame, CEO and Founder, EverdreamSoft

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