List of games & collections in Book of Orbs

CrystalsCraft collection

The CrystalsCraft collection is a user-generated content collection on the BitCrystals platform and on Book of Orbs. The theme of this collection is: “Blockchain Allegories.”

Gamicon collection

The Gamicon Collection is a collection of Blockchain assets created exclusively for the 2018 Game Developers conference.

Spells of Genesis

SPELLS OF GENESIS is a fantasy tactical arcade TCG/CCG game. It was publish in April 2017 after a period of testing. Spells of Genesis was the first game taking advantage of our gaming ecosystem and being integrated with our digital wallet.

Force of Will

FORCE OF WILL is a trading card game by Force of Will Co., Ltd. It was first released in Japan in December of 2012 and later released to English speaking countries in 2013. The game has been compared to Magic: the Gathering as a strong competitor. Our digital wallet hosts 150 digital cards.

Age of Rust

AGE OF RUST is a mix of an adventure game, a role-playing game, and a card-based strategy game in one. Age of Rust is a graphic adventure game in which you solve puzzles and engage in combat to progress forward in the game. As you solve puzzles, you are rewarded with cryptocurency and blockchain cards to further your progress.

Skara – The Blade Remains

SKARA – THE BLADE REMAINS is a Free-to-Play game set in a fantasy world. Currently available for PC in its Open Alpha, the game has already gathered about 300 000 players. Skara is a rich world thought up by creator Pablo Rodriguez — a world peopled by dramatically different cultures who compete to survive a cosmic disaster. Skara includes a competitive team-based action game, a novel set for release in January 2018, a mobile game and several upcoming single player RPG games. Its Beta launch is scheduled for February 2018.

Age of Chains

AGE OF CHAINS is a project looking to employ the full potential of blockchain technology within the video gaming industry by creating a blockchain based trading card video game within an intergalactic universe, billions of years in the future.


RAREPEPE is the pure power of the blockchain tranformed into the most realistic card game ever made, on earth. Rare Pepes create a metaphorical representation of the pump and dump absurdity and legitimizes it through the use of the Bitcoin blockchain’s immutability.Rare Pepe cards are a creative, funny, and unique to make a political point while also serving as a fun item to trade.


Developed by Mandelduck’s founder Christian Moss, SaruTobi (which means “monkey fly” in Japanese) uses Counterparty tokens as in-game items, and connects to the IndieSquare Counterparty Wallet. You will go Bananas playing this game. It’s chimply amazing!


Takara (Japanese for treasure) is the first Bitcoin geocaching app on iOS. In this app, users ‘drop’ small amounts of bitcoin in specific locations for others to pick up if they visit that location. It has seen users travel physically to coffee shops, houses, bridges and even islands to collect the dropped “treasure.”

We’ve contributed to several other blockchain projects.

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