Enjoy true ownership of your digital assets secured by our blockchain wallet.

What is Book of Orbs?

Book of Orbs is a wallet app for mobile which lets you collect and trade unforgeable digital blockchain assets. Gather and display your collections of blockchain cards in Book of Orbs and use some of them between games.

What is a digital wallet?

A digital wallet is a mobile app allowing you to securely store and use any kind of digital currencies or objects.

What does “true ownership” mean?

Players who gains assets within a certain gaming platform have been captive of this platform, in some ways or others. The introduction of the blockchain in this equation allows gamers and game-makers to jump on this peer-to-peer model giving more power to players no more dependent of the trading platform rules. True Ownership means you can keep for yourself what you earn in a game. Spells of Genesis was the first mobile game allowing true ownership of digital assets.

How many games take advantage of Book of Orbs?

As of December 2017, 13 mobile games are using our wallet Book of Orbs to store their digital assets.

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