Gamer attitudes to blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Incredible insight from over 500 gamers reveals key attitudes towards the blockchain and cryptocurrencies 

With so much focus on the future of the blockchain and games, there has been very little insight into the gamers themselves.

We’ve undertaken (probably) the largest ever survey of gamers and their attitudes towards the blockchain in order understand what makes them tick. This survey gives unparalleled insight into the minds of over 500 gamers from across the globe and is a must-read for anyone interested in the future of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies in games.

In this FREE survey you’ll discover:

  • Just how many gamers we spoke to had transacted digital game items on the blockchain
  • The key reasons why gamers have chosen NOT to transact on the blockchain
  • What drives gamers who HAVE used the blockchain to buy or trade digital items
  • The key demographics of gamers who are spending money on games and the blockchain
  • The cryptocurrency spending habits of gamers including how much they have spent on game items on the blockchain as well as investment in ICO’s

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