Gamicon Collection

The Gamicon Collection is a collection of Blockchain assets created exclusively for blockchain in gaming events.

The BitCrystals Blockchain Platform allows you to easily create and share your own limited-edition digital asset. You can use your token in different manners:


  • To promote your game and/or your art creation
  • Branding opportunity for VIP events
  • Exclusive giveaway to your community
  • Unique collector item

Create a rare limited-edition digital blockchain asset!

Submit your Digital Asset in our CrystalsCraft Collection! 

How to Submit a Digital Asset for the “Gamicon” Collection?

The Submission Form below is intended to collect the Submission for the “Gamicon” collection only. Any off-topic submission won’t be taken into account.

By sending your Submission, you accept the Gamicon General Terms and Conditions and the “Gamicon” Specific Agreement, which consists of this page and the Submission Form.

1. Send us your Digital Asset by filling the Submission Form

Submit your Graphic Content and some additional information

3. Receive Your Asset

Now you can give, sell, or exchange your Blockchain Asset!


Once approved, EDS will proceed to the Creation and Publication of the Blockchain asset on the BitCrystals Platform within 2 working days.

We will then inform you by email and transfer your Blockchain asset and its ownership to your digital wallet (Book of Orbs) address.

Asset Share


The whole Blockchain Asset Publication procedure is managed by EverdreamSoft and is free of charge.

As a contribution to the BitCrystals Ecosystem, EverdreamSoft will keep 25% of the total  supply of the Blockchain Asset being created. You will receive 75% of its total supply.

You are then free to sell, trade, exchange or donate any of the Blockchain Asset units you have in your digital wallet.

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